About Me

I  have a pretty hectic life right now.  I am the mother to ten year old triplets, a stay-at-home mom who is extremely busy with all the jobs that entails, a sporadic online student, a substitute teacher once every week or so, and a teacher at heart who is hoping someday to return to the classroom.  And I bet that your life is just as hectic as mine.

I may not be teaching in a classroom now, but I did teach high school for 10 years and AP Biology for 2 years.  Now I read books about education…for fun, listen to education podcasts while I walk our two dogs, and take online edIMG_0174ucation classes toward new endorsements and certifications each year with a semester or two off in between.  I am the only parent I know who is doing all this for a career that I am currently not even employed in.  I still have hope that I will be in the classroom again.

I also love science.  As a result, my kids love science as well.  They don’t love science class right now and I get that.  They are in fifth grade, and although there are two months left of school, they got to do one lab so far.  But they love the testing process.  My daughter M loves keeping a science journal at home.  My daughter H loves to engineer massive straw structures and testing them to see how much chocolate milk she can get to her mouth.  My son MJ loves to be in nature and talk about the different soils, rocks, minerals and animals he observes.  They are little, unripe scientists waiting for the special science teachers to transcend their textbooks and let them experience the laws of nature.  Being a parent who was a teacher is really hard.  I didn’t know this before I had kids, when I was teaching other people’s kids.  Now I feel a responsibility to hold onto my parental experiences and use them to shape the teacher I will hopefully be again….someday when my kids don’t need me as much.

So that brings me to this blog.  My hope is it will grow to be a place where educators can exchange ideas as to what tech tools work well in various situations.  It will be a place where I can highlight science articles that I would have used to augment my teaching content.  Perhaps I can engineer some materials that would be helpful for others.  And I would love to review and discuss the books I am reading to help other educators make decisions about what books to put on their reading list.  I hope that I can be a source of information, encouragement, and entertainment for others!  It is an experiment.  My first in awhile, but I am ready to adjust and learn as I test new ideas.  And I am hoping you will provide me with comments, feedback, and new ideas!


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